Digital Point of Sale Display

Digital Point of Sale Display

Chances are that just about every store you patronize offers some sort of point of sale display inside their facility. A good digital point of sale display serves to successfully promote a particular brand or product and catches customers at the moment of impulse, prompting them to pick up that last-minute item just minutes – or seconds – before they’re due to check out.

digital point of sale displayEffective POS displays make extra sales a reality and greatly improve bottom line profits.  Some retail experts wonder, however, if the traditional point of sale display is a thing of the past. While POS displays in general will never be passé, companies are tending to make them a bit more modern these days, dispensing with traditional displays and adding features that will truly serve to attract the attention of passing customers. This includes the use of digital signage and other sorts of digital features.

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Many marketing professionals offer the advice that interactive is better. A point of sale display that includes a video screen, for example, which allows you to watch a small presentation about the product may be more convincing than just the product sitting on a non-descript shelf.

An iPad-type device that allows adults and children to touch the screen and view different product uses might be more enticing than just reading the label to see how that product functions.

In general, customers love hands-on interaction. After all, who doesn’t enjoy activities like going to a museum where you can pull levers, push buttons, and otherwise become part of each display? Interaction is exciting, even if it just involves a household product, a new food item, or anything else that might be sold at a point of sale display. Some retailers say they’ve watched sales soar with the addition of digital signage or displays.

However, not everyone agrees. Others believe that sticking to the tried-and-true, old-fashioned kind of point of sale display makes more sense. A simple display made of traditional materials and with traditional signage certainly costs a lot less than one that includes digital features. Secondly, digital features can break down and stop working, disappointing the customer and making it less likely that you’ll make a sale from that particular POS display.

Furthermore, some retailers say, there’s nothing like simply holding that product in your hand and examining it, smelling it, reading the label with your own eyes, and then making a judgment as to whether or not to purchase the item.

If you decide not to go completely digital with any of your POS displays, consider adding something that might make it a little more up-to-date, such as perhaps a QR code which allows for a minimal amount of interaction and makes the display more interesting to those who are really keen on technology.

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