Department Signage Need Not Be Boring!

Department Signage Need Not Be Boring!

Every shopper knows how important it is to be able to make your way from one place to another within your shopping destination without getting lost, particularly when you’re in a hurry or have a particular “mission” in mind.

department signageWandering aimlessly is frustrating…and a failure to provide good department signage is certainly an issue that will keep customers from coming back to a particular store.

Department signage is especially important for large stores where it’s not easy to determine where one department ends and another stops.

Department Signage Offer Direction

Signage should be strategically placed where it can be seen from a variety of angles, should be written in large easy-to-read font, and should be hung in a manner that makes it easy to change it when necessary.

However, even with all those parameters to follow, it’s important to offer department signs with some character, rather than a standard white sign with black lettering.

There are lots of options that your shop fitter can share with you.  Most stores make their shop signs consistent in style for a more orderly look.

For example, you’ll probably want to use the same font for each sign, at least for those departments that are close together.  You may want to use the same color background as well.

For example, if you’re marking the health and beauty departments of your big box store with new signs, perhaps you’ll choose a pink background with black lettering for those two separate areas, which are often close together.

On the other hand, once you reach the other side of the store and are labeling departments such as electronics, housewares, or lawn and garden, you may want to go with a different color or maybe even different lettering.

Since these departments will likely be far from health and beauty, they won’t be clashing.  Some stores like to use graphics on their department signs. That’s fine.

Just make sure that the icon you use is easy to decipher.  For example, be sure that the tube of lipstick on your beauty items sign clearly resembles a tube of lipstick.

Let your shop fitter help with graphics if you decide to go in that direction.  When it comes time to choose a material for your signs, recognize that these department signs are going to need to be hung near the ceiling and should be easy to maneuver.

You won’t want to be struggling with heavy signs that are difficult to hang and could damage your ceiling or walls.  Choosing a brilliantly-printed banner-type sign is always a good option, especially when the signs need to be particularly large.

All you need to accomplish this is a good shop fitter who can help you learn about printing options that are ideal for your space.  In addition, he or she can also provide you with specifics on hanging systems that make displaying your signs – and changing them – easier than ever.

Remember, you want some flexibility with your signs in case changes need to be made in the future.  Consult your shop fitting designer for ideas that match your space and add pizzazz to your store.

And, remember, it’s okay to be creative and whimsical, if that matches your vibe, as long as your customers know which way to go!

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