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The New Grocery Shopping Experience

When we were children, we loved it when our mum took us grocery shopping at the neighborhood supermarket. The markets weren’t so big back in those days. Consisting of about 10 to 12 aisles, relatively short, the store offered the basics that mum needed to gather in order to go home and feed us breakfast or lunch or to create a dynamite dinner that we’d all enjoy.

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Shopping Baskets and Front End Items

There are so many little things a food store needs to operate, far beyond the great big shelves, refrigerators, and other large items necessary to display inventory. These other “tools of the trade” might be considered “accessories”, but they’re certainly must-haves and should be on your list of items to be purchased.

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What is Shelf Merchandising?

For any store striving to be the best at what they do, shelf merchandising is of the utmost importance. Putting each product in the right spot on a shelf, and making those shelves attractive to the buyer, is key to sales, regardless of what kind of products you might be selling.

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