Bulk Food Systems are Functional and Attractive

Bulk Food Systems are Functional and Attractive

Bulk Food Systems are Functional and Attractive

Chances are that if you own a shop that sells food, you could probably benefit from a well-made bulk food distribution system. Such systems are ideal for a number of different kinds of products, including items like cereals, coffee beans, dried fruit, and even candy. Bulk food purchases have risen greatly in the last few decades as customers look for more natural foods and continue to be concerned about portion sizes, so having a viable self-serve system in place is ideal and, of course, offers many advantages.

durapod scoop dispenserFirst of all, you’ll want to find a system that simply looks good. An attractive display does exactly what the adjective suggests – it “attracts” customers to the products offered within the bins. When items are pleasingly displayed, consumers are more likely to head in that direction to check out what’s inside and are also more likely to make a purchase. It’s all part of good merchandising!

Bulk Food Systems Combines Aesthetics & Functionality

The Bulk Food System offers shop owners attractive yet functional display bins that put the product front and center and allow for easy viewing without the need to open the bins. The modern design lines provide a fresh new look rather than a dated appearance. Furthermore, the company’s bins can be adapted to fit a variety of shelving systems.

Secondly, but equally as important, is finding a bulk food system that is guaranteed to keep items fresh during display time. This is always essential but especially so for items that may not sell as quickly as others. When items lose their freshness, you – the store owner – lose money.

That means you’ll want to shop for gravity and scoop bins that offer an airtight seal that keeps freshness in and everything else out! Bulk Food Systems are lauded for their freshness factor, offering shop owners the opportunity to minimise spoilage, keeping customers happy and coming back for more.

durapod gravity dispenserSelf-closing lids insure that the bin is always shut when not being held open by a customer. Scoop bins include an external set of tongs or scoop rather than one that must remain inside the bin, further avoiding spoilage or other contamination. Furthermore, the scoop bins are designed so that there’s no “dead space” where products can’t be reached; the shape of the bin allows for access to all corners.

Ease of use is also important. Our gravity bins boast a one-handed system that uses the spout as the release mechanism, making it easier for shoppers to fill bags full of coffee beans or other items. No more struggling with old-fashioned, unattractive gravity bins! That means your customers will buy more and will buy more often!

Finally, durability should also be a factor when consulting with your shopfitter to choose a bulk food system. In addition to stylish and practical, your bulk food system should be long-lasting – made of durable materials that can withstand high traffic and still emerge looking fresh and new. We use materials that will hold up to even the toughest customer, minimizing the need for frequent replacement of the bins.

So, if you’re shopping for a self-serve bulk food merchandising solution, talk to your shop fitter about the advantages of the Bulk Food System and how it can size you money while enhancing the look of your store.

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