Achieving Attractive Produce Displays

Achieving Attractive Produce Displays

When you walk into a supermarket or even a small grocery store, chances are that your eye almost immediately goes to the attractive produce display. It’s natural that you’re attracted by those wonderful hues of red, green, yellow, orange, and even purple – that wonderful collection of produce that’s grown in Australia or flown in from other exotic places around the world.

Attractive Produce Display shopIf an attractive produce display is made, it can be the highlight of a supermarket or other food store, and your customers will immediately start thinking about that succulent apple, putting together a delicious fresh salad for dinner, or eating those sweet strawberries.

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On the other hand, if a produce display is quickly thrown together without much thought as to appearance or keeping the items fresh, it will look unattractive and result in fewer sales and more spoilage.

An Attractive Produce Display For Increased Sales

produce displays bread basketOrganizing an attractive produce display is something with which your shop fitter can assist, recommending products that are essential for attractive presentation and freshness. Begin the process by choosing the right kind of display items for the space allotted to your produce department and consider the small details as well.

For example, once you’ve chosen display bases or cabinets, you’ll need items that keep the produce in place and keep it looking tidy. Tiered display trays can make this happen. Offered in 4, 5, or more levels, they let you carefully place items so that the customer can easily peruse the selection of items available.

Some display trays also include indentations or “cavities” where your display department can place individual items, such as apples or pears. This keeps the items in place and reduces waste due to “runaway” fruit. Display tubs with rims can also keep produce from falling to the floor. Choose the trays that are best for you or use a combination of all of the above.

For some produce vendors, baskets are a display item of choice. Baskets provide a homey, sometimes rustic look and many customers find them to be very attractive. The most durable are made of a poly-wicker material and are available in different styles and a few different colors.

Some are shallow while others are quite deep. Baskets are especially ideal for smaller items like tomatoes, onions, bananas, and potatoes though you could put virtually any kind of produce in a display basket.

You’ll also want to consider what kind of display matting you’ll want to use. Non-slip matting is generally available in a few different colors and it keeps produce where it’s meant to be, not on the floor.

In addition, good quality rubber matting allows for air circulation and keeps produce fresh for a longer period of time. This matting is especially ideal for any sort of sloping display where concern about rolling produce is present.

Remember, your shop fitter can provide you with all of the above products as well as information on how to use them properly. Call 03 9794 1000

Take advantage of his or her expertise when setting up the produce section of your store. Make it one of your most profitable departments by choosing the display items that proudly present those colorful and delicious products!

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