Loss Prevention – Anti-Sweeping Devices

Loss Prevention – Anti-Sweeping Devices

Loss Prevention – Anti-Sweeping Devices

Theft is a reality in the retail world. Unfortunately, stores that sell all sorts of wares become victims of shoplifting. Items big and small seem to disappear from stores that might even appear to be theft-proof, and every time someone steals something, someone else literally pays for it.

That’s why more and more shops have decided that it’s time to do something about this epidemic and are installing various sorts of loss prevention devices in order to deter thieves and keep items from walking out the door without payment.

Theft Anti-Sweeping Devices

Anti-Sweeping Devices

If you’re working with a shopfitter that will be designing all of your merchandising solutions, you may want to request that these loss prevention items become part of the overall plan from the start. A well-versed shop fitter will be able to make a variety of suggestions that fit your purposes and are ideal for protecting the items most likely to be stolen from your shop.

Loss prevention can be accomplished through a number of different products. Very often, stores may find themselves in need of more than one anti-theft option, depending on the kinds of items sold in that particular establishment. A good shop fitter should have access to a variety of options and should be able to provide suggestions for the most cost-effective solutions.

Anti Sweep Hooks

One of the most popular loss prevention products, suitable for smaller items, is the anti-sweep hook. This hook prevents thieves from “sweeping”. Sweeping occurs when a thief or thieves quickly grabs a large number of the same item from one hook (or shelf). A “shelf sweep” can be one of the most costly of all shoplifting schemes because of the large amount of merchandise stolen at one time.

The thieves find this an attractive way to shoplift and will benefit from their bounty, often receiving more money for selling items in large quantities than one at a time.

Unfortunately, old technology isn’t effective enough to deter most shoplifters. Tags on the products or door alarms do little to keep items on the shelves and out of the hands of thieves. Often, the reaction of store staff is too slow to catch the culprits.

That’s why today’s savvy retailers are demanding better products like anti-sweep hooks.

This hook provides a secure solution for high-theft hangcell merchandise while still allowing for self service. Examples of these hooks include those with a knob that pulls each product forward and only releases one item at a time. Store personnel receive alerts when multiple products are being removed from the display. Like some loss prevention devices, this one does not require assistance from store staff in order to dispense products.

These are ideal for often shoplifted products like razors, batteries, printer cartridges, and costly health and beauty items.

One At A Time Delivery

Other types of one-at-a-time delivery systems accomplish the same results but using different devices. There are a variety of shelf systems that also provide security against sweeping yet keep products front and center and easy for the consumer to find. “Shield” systems also accomplish the same goals, providing clear panels that block thieves from running off with large numbers of a particular item.

Security cases, tethers, strap tags, security wraps, and a variety of other options might also be a good choice for a store’s loss prevention needs.

With the use of loss prevention devices such as those described above, it’s no longer necessary to hide commonly shoplifted products behind the counter, which affects sales because the products are out of sight.

With any type of anti-sweep device, products can be out in the open where they are more likely to prompt impulse sales while still staying secure.

Ask your shopfitting professional to recommend the best anti-theft products for your merchandising needs.

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