Acrylic Display

Acrylic Display

A storeowner or restauranteur often needs many different kinds of display items, from large shelves for big, heavy items to small accessories that hold things like brochures, business, cards, or other such products. Acrylic display items are suitable for a wide range of products and provide a clean, modern look and a durable solution to many display dilemmas.

Acrylic Display For Aesthetics and Affordability

Acrylic Display shopAcrylic displays carry with them lots of advantages. The first is that they match just about any décor and blend in seamlessly with other materials. Secondly, a good quality acrylic display item, when handled properly, can last for a long time. (Of course, proper precautions should be taken to avoid dropping or mishandling that might lead to cracks or breakage.) Thirdly, the price of acrylic display items is quite affordable, fitting into most budgets.

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Acrylic displays also come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Clear acrylic bins, for example, are quite popular for displaying items like socks, scarves, or undergarments in the apparel industry, or in other industries they’re ideal for small items that don’t require shelves or hooks.

Acrylic display boxes and sampling bins function similarly and are often good for marketing small items you can set by the cash register or any other point-of-sale location.

Acrylic shelves in different sizes work well with many types of items ranging from boots to books. Clothing stores use them often because they are easily stackable, lightweight, and simple to rearrange, and can hold a variety of weights.

Not just shop owners but other business professionals as well often employ the use of acrylic holders for the display of items such as brochures or business cards. These can be purchased in a variety of styles, suitable for handbills of different sizes and shapes.

Triangular Acrylic DisplayAgain, as with acrylic shelves, card and brochure holders can be stackable, making them suitable for the display of a variety of different promotional goods or other paper products.

Restaurants often use acrylic display items as menu holders. Available in a variety of shapes that only take up a little room on each table, these menu holders can display an eatery’s standard menu or can be used to advertise any specials being offered.

Similarly, double- and single-sided acrylic card holders are ideal for displaying daily specials at restaurants or for sales at any retail establishment. The content is easily changeable and the holder lasts for a long time.

Another popular acrylic display item is the so-called “ballot box”. It is usable for many applications, including for ticket collecting, as a “suggestion box”, for raffles, and more. These ballot boxes are available in many sizes and can be easily toted from place to place.

When consulting with your shop fitter about display fixtures, don’t forget to include some acrylic display items in your inventory. They’re modern, lightweight, sturdy, and affordable. Your initial investment in acrylic items is likely to go a long way and it’ll be money well spent.

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