5 Signage Tips for your Retail Store

5 Signage Tips for your Retail Store

Poor signage can mean the death of your store. If you’re not noticed, customers don’t come. Signs are all about grabbing attention, and – these days – it seems that it takes different techniques to attract attention than it once did. Signage tips to keep in mind.

Signage Tips

  1. Short and sweet – That the old adage that opines “less is more” is especially applicable to today’s society. In a land of facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, and other apps where communication is kept to a minimum, it seems that signs should adhere to the same principles. That said, don’t try to say too much on your signs. No one will stop and read them. Most customers seem in a hurry these days, so keeping it “short and sweet” is a wise idea.

  2. Make it easy to read – Outside signs. Inside signs. They should all be crafted in fonts that are easy to read, either close up or from far away. Avoid swirly letters that can be confused with one another and stick with one color. Don’t choose strange color and background combinations either. Remember also, if a customer can’t quickly decipher and read the sign, you’ve wasted your money. Test the colors/combinations before you have your signs made to determine whether they will truly work for your location.

  3. Make it personal – Whether you’re writing on a chalkboard or investing in expensive signs, remember to word messages so that you appeal to the individual. Signs that say “You deserve this” situated above a shelf full of expensive spa products, or a note that says “She’ll love you even more” located near the flower department in your market, will strike a chord with your customers.

  4. Have a sense of humor (where appropriate) – Don’t be afraid to be a bit whimsical when it comes to your signs! We’ve even seen funny signs posted outside casket dealers! Everything has a little humor in it and customers love to enjoy a little chuckle or hearty laugh now and then. Remember, you want to attract attention and a pun is a great way to do that. Perhaps investing in signage that can be changed from time to time is a good way to keep your customers’ interest. (Check out some digital signage options!)

  5. Ask for advice – Find a shop fitting company that employs experts in signage and get their input as to what would work best for you, taking into consideration the size of your store, the location, and the clientele you wish to attract. A knowledgeable sign person can suggest signage items that fit both your needs and your budget.

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