Who are we?

First for Retail

We have a very simple mission: to be the first choice in product presentation and visual communication for your retail environment. Whether it be how you display and sell your products and services, or how you speak to your customers through signage, pricing and branding, we want to be top of mind. Why? Because we combine local manufacture, with overseas sourcing and the best team of installers and project managers going around, with cutting edge retail design and consultancy. Contact us, and see why we’re the first choice for Australia’s major retailers.

Current signage capacity 86%
Current install capacity 95%
Current plastic fab capacity 82%
Coles chiller 2


Our beginnings were in food presentation, but this expertise has expanded to all retail product categories from fashion, to consumer electronics and pharmaceutical 



We operate one of the most efficient, innovative and highest quality signage factories in Australia. We print and fabricate in house, from fantastic single stores to massive national rollouts. 



From project management of complex custom fitouts to cost effective metal and joinery sourcing from China and Taiwan for volume supply, we supply the full gamut of shopfitting solutions.

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How we work with Australia's retailers

A true one-stop shop

Food presentation

Our humble beginnings in pricing and ticketing has expanded to full design, manufacture and supply capabilities in the areas of deli, fresh produce, bakery, meat and beverages.


We are printers and fabricators by trade. We specialise in way finding, wall graphics, pricing, and branding. Visit our Sydney production facility to operation hum. 


We operate a joinery and metal factory. We employ experienced China and Taiwan based sourcing staff. And we have the logistics to support any project.

Loss Prevention

Unfortunately, this is the fastest growing part of our business. We are the distributor for FFR, the world leaders in loss prevention solutions that simultaneously and miraculously boosts sales. 
Our Work
Produce Bunks

Produce Bunks

View Project
Bakery wicker baskets

Bakery wicker baskets

View Project
Health and Beauty fixtures

Health and Beauty fixtures

View Project
Hansells concepts & designs

Hansells concepts & designs

View Project
Gaymer Crate concepts

Gaymer Crate concepts

View Project

View Project
Hanging Cubes

Hanging Cubes

View Project
Anti theft display hooks

Anti theft display hooks

View Project
Wine store within a store

Wine store within a store

View Project

Who we are

Some of our team

Kris McGhee

Kris McGhee

Creative Director
Kris is a multi-award winning Creative Director who can take your ideas for your product or store and make them reality
Ronnie Ryan

Ronnie Ryan

Account Manager
Ronnie has been with the business for a decade. Her eagerness to be helpful in any situation has undoubtedly lead her to be our best known team member.
Noel Pye

Noel Pye

Senior Business Manager
Noel’s background in operations means that his focus is 100% on getting the right result for his customers.


In the battle against online, overseas retailers and newly arriving discounters, how important is your store environment in maintaining and growing sales? 

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We have the combined experience of Mills Display, Mills Shopfitting, Echo and RCR Cabinetmaking. That’s why we’re first in retail.

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